Nurture. Thrive. Influence.

What is a Maternal Tribe?

We believe that motherhood does not have to be lonely...yes, you may be surrounded by family, friends, and the everlasting responsibilities of a new child at home...but many new moms are left feeling judged by others, unable to meet the unrealistic standards of what motherhood *should* be, and overwhelming uncertainty of how to manage their new "normal."

We want all mothers to have a maternal tribe that not only nurtures them as a woman but also the other roles that they play. Here are some benefits of how Well-Mamas Tribe support groups allow for mamas to develop a thriving tribe that allows for a greater influence in their lives and the lives of their families.

Group Benefit # 1
Immediate Emotional Support.
Engage in meaningful conversations with other mothers experiencing similar feelings about motherhood. Share, normalize and making meaning of emotions, thoughts and experiences without suffering alone.

Group Benefit # 2
Regular meetings build a tribe of well-mamas.
Rely on a space to tell your stories, without judgement and fear, while you experience consistent mama support as you begin and end this 8-week group with your tribe of mamas. Build a space where you can rely on and expand your network of support in a safe environment.

Group Benefit # 3
Develop and improve a positive mama self-image.
Through education, an expanded supportive mama-network and in-session group practices and activities that will help you develop an authentic self-image. 

Group Benefit # 4
Build skills that will increase your confidence in your ability to bond with your child/children.
A newborns behaviors can cue parents in on how to confidently meet their baby’s needs. One of our co-facilitators, Claudia, has training in observing infant behaviors to support parents who want to better understand their newborns. Nurtured and supported mamas have thriving children